"Yoga is the science of living well, the science of controlling one's own destiny." - Swami Sivananda


As dedicated yoga practitioners and experienced teachers,

we embody a profound connection to the ancient practice of yoga.
With years of training and a deep understanding of its philosophy,
we are committed to sharing its transformative power with others.
Our mission is to provide people with the tools to unlock their full potential,
both physically and mentally. We offer a safe and supportive environment
where individuals can explore yoga's physical postures, meditation, and
mindfulness techniques. Through our expertise, guidance, and passion for yoga,
we aim to inspire others on their personal journey to
improved health, inner peace, and self-discovery.

1. Physical Health: Yoga improves flexibility, strength, and balance, which can help prevent injuries and promote overall physical well-being.
2. Mental Health: It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, promoting mental relaxation and emotional stability.
3. Mind-Body Connection: Yoga encourages a deeper connection between the mind and body, enhancing self-awareness and mindfulness.
4. Posture and Alignment: It helps improve posture and alignment, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal issues. 5. Stress Reduction: Yoga techniques like deep breathing and meditation can lower stress levels and improve the body's stress response.
6. Better Sleep: Regular practice can lead to improved sleep quality and better overall sleep patterns.

7. Cardiovascular Health: Some forms of yoga can help lower blood pressure and improve heart health.
8. Pain Management: It can alleviate chronic pain conditions and improve pain tolerance. 9. Digestive Health: Certain yoga poses can aid digestion and alleviate gastrointestinal issues. 10. Spiritual Growth: For those seeking a spiritual dimension, yoga can be a pathway to self-discovery and inner peace. 11. Weight Management: Yoga can aid in weight loss and weight maintenance by increasing awareness of eating habits and promoting physical activity. 12. Lifestyle and Wellness: It promotes a holistic approach to well-being, encouraging healthier lifestyle choices.

We’ll support your yoga journey we provide of specialist classes, all delivered by expert teachers in a unique and dedicated atmosphere. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry that you’ll have to be able to touch your toes or do the splits: we’ll support you as you steadily develop your body’s capabilities and harmonise them with a calm and focused mind.

A committed team of Iyengar yoga teaching specialists

All our teachers hold the Iyengar Yoga Teachers Certification Mark, so you can be sure of their individual and collective excellence. As well as offering a spectrum of general and specialist classes including yoga for pregnancy, remedial yoga and pranayama, we are committed to teacher training and the ongoing advancement of our own team.

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